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論文・著書 [ 2015~]

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Cancer-associated mutations of histones H2B, H3.1 and H2A.Z.1 affect the structure and stability of the nucleosome.
Arimura Y, Ikura M, Fujita R, Noda M, Kobayashi W, Horikoshi N, Sun J, Shi L, Kusakabe M, Harata M, Ohkawa Y, Tashiro S, Kimura H, Ikura T, Kurumizaka H
Nucleic acids research 46(19) 10007-10018 2018年7月

Actin polymerization is activated by terahertz irradiation.
Yamazaki S*, Harata M*, Idehara T, Konagaya K, Yokoyama G, Hoshina H, Ogawa Y* (*corresponding authors)
Scientific reports 8(1) 9990 2018年7月

Distinct roles of ATM and ATR in the regulation of ARP8 phosphorylation to prevent chromosome translocations.
Sun J, Shi L, Kinomura A, Fukuto A, Horikoshi Y, Oma Y, Harata M, Ikura M, Ikura T, Kanaar R, Tashiro S
eLife 7 e32222 2018年5月

SUMO modification system facilitates the exchange of histone variant H2A.Z-2 at DNA damage sites.
Fukuto A, Ikura M, Ikura T, Sun J, Horikoshi Y, Shima H, Igarashi K, Kusakabe M, Harata M, Horikoshi N, Kurumizaka H, Kiuchi Y, Tashiro S
Nucleus (Austin, Tex.) 9(1) 87-94 2018年1月

Multivalent binding of PWWP2A to H2A.Z regulates mitosis and neural crest differentiation.
Pünzeler S, Link S, Wagner G, Keilhauer EC, Kronbeck N, Spitzer RM, Leidescher S, Markaki Y, Mentele E, Regnard C, Schneider K, Takahashi D, Kusakabe M, Vardabasso C, Zink LM, Straub T, Bernstein E, Harata M, Leonhardt H, Mann M, Rupp RA, Hake SB
The EMBO journal 36(15) 2263-2279 2017年8月

Quantitative regulation of histone variant H2A.Z during cell cycle by ubiquitin proteasome system and SUMO-targeted ubiquitin ligases.
Takahashi D, Orihara Y, Kitagawa S, Kusakabe M, Shintani T, Oma Y, Harata M
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 81(8) 1557-1560 2017年8月

Actin Family Proteins in the Human INO80 Chromatin Remodeling Complex Exhibit Functional Roles in the Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 with Hemin.
Takahashi Y, Murakami H, Akiyama Y, Katoh Y, Oma Y, Nishijima H, Shibahara KI, Igarashi K, Harata M
Frontiers in genetics 8 17 2017年

Nuclear F-actin enhances the transcriptional activity of β-catenin by increasing its nuclear localization and binding to chromatin.
Yamazaki S, Yamamoto K, de Lanerolle P, Harata M
Histochemistry and cell biology 145(4) 389-399 2016年4月

Genetic complementation analysis showed distinct contributions of the N-terminal tail of H2A.Z to epigenetic regulations.
Kusakabe M, Oku H, Matsuda R, Hori T, Muto A, Igarashi K, Fukagawa T, Harata M
Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms 21(2) 122-135 2016年2月

[Roles of actin family proteins in functional organization of chromatin and the nucleus].
Harata M, Yamazaki S, Oma Y
Seikagaku. The Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society 87(5) 629-632 2015年10月

The actin family protein ARP6 contributes to the structure and the function of the nucleolus.
Kitamura H, Matsumori H, Kalendova A, Hozak P, Goldberg IG, Nakao M, Saitoh N, Harata M
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 464(2) 554-560 2015年8月

Contribution of nuclear actin to transcription regulation.
Yamazaki S, Yamamoto K, Harata M
Genomics data 4 127-129 2015年6月

The linker histone in Saccharomyces cerevisiae interacts with actin-related protein 4 and both regulate chromatin structure and cellular morphology.
Georgieva M, Staneva D, Uzunova K, Efremov T, Balashev K, Harata M, Miloshev G
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 59 182-192 2015年2月

Nuclear actin activates human transcription factor genes including the OCT4 gene.
Yamazaki S, Yamamoto K, Tokunaga M, Sakata-Sogawa K, Harata M
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 79(2) 242-246 2015年