SWR1 and INO80 chromatin remodelers contribute to DNA double-strand break perinuclear anchorage site choice.
Horigome C, Oma Y, Konishi T, Schmid R, Marcomini I, Hauer MH, Dion V, Harata M, Gasser SM
Molecular cell 55(4) 626-639 2014年8月

Nuclear actin filaments recruit cofilin and actin-related protein 3, and their formation is connected with a mitotic block.
Kalendová A, Kalasová I, Yamazaki S, Uličná L, Harata M, Hozák P
Histochemistry and cell biology 142(2) 139-152 2014年8月

Reorganization of damaged chromatin by the exchange of histone variant H2A.Z-2.
Nishibuchi I, Suzuki H, Kinomura A, Sun J, Liu NA, Horikoshi Y, Shima H, Kusakabe M, Harata M, Fukagawa T, Ikura T, Ishida T, Nagata Y, Tashiro S
International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics 89(4) 736-744 2014年7月

DNA binding properties of the actin-related protein Arp8 and its role in DNA repair.
Osakabe A, Takahashi Y, Murakami H, Otawa K, Tachiwana H, Oma Y, Nishijima H, Shibahara KI, Kurumizaka H, Harata M
PloS one 9(10) e108354 2014年

Improvement of the transformation efficiency of Sacchaaromyces cerevisiae by altering carbon sources in pre-culture.
Konishi T, Harata M
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 78(6) 1090-1093 2014年

Structural polymorphism in the L1 loop regions of human H2A.Z.1 and H2A.Z.2.
Horikoshi N, Sato K, Shimada K, Arimura Y, Osakabe A, Tachiwana H, Hayashi-Takanaka Y, Iwasaki W, Kagawa W, Harata M, Kimura H, Kurumizaka H
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Biological crystallography 69(Pt 12) 2431-2439 2013年12月

The actin family member Arp6 and the histone variant H2A.Z are required for spatial positioning of chromatin in chicken cell nuclei.
Maruyama EO, Hori T, Tanabe H, Kitamura H, Matsuda R, Tone S, Hozak P, Habermann FA, von Hase J, Cremer C, Fukagawa T, Harata M
Journal of cell science 125(Pt 16) 3739-3743 2012年8月

Actin-related proteins localized in the nucleus: from discovery to novel roles in nuclear organization.
Oma Y, Harata M
Nucleus (Austin, Tex.) 2(1) 38-46 2011年1月

ATM modulates the loading of recombination proteins onto a chromosomal translocation breakpoint hotspot.
Sun J, Oma Y, Harata M, Kono K, Shima H, Kinomura A, Ikura T, Suzuki H, Mizutani S, Kanaar R, Tashiro S
PloS one 5(10) e13554 2010年10月

Identification and characterization of the two isoforms of the vertebrate H2A.Z histone variant.
Matsuda R, Hori T, Kitamura H, Takeuchi K, Fukagawa T, Harata M
Nucleic acids research 38(13) 4263-4273 2010年7月

Actin-related protein Arp6 influences H2A.Z-dependent and -independent gene expression and links ribosomal protein genes to nuclear pores.
Yoshida T, Shimada K, Oma Y, Kalck V, Akimura K, Taddei A, Iwahashi H, Kugou K, Ohta K, Gasser SM, Harata M
PLoS genetics 6(4) e1000910 2010年4月

Molecular mechanisms underlying nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of actinin-4.
Kumeta M, Yoshimura SH, Harata M, Takeyasu K
Journal of cell science 123(Pt 7) 1020-1030 2010年4月

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